Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Food in Shanghai

Ni Hao Family and Friends,

             We have completed our third week in
 Shanghai.   This week's topic is FOOD.
Lunch in Shanghai, $5 a person

Dinner at Xindalu
  Finding local supermarkets, and knowing how to buy and  then prepare healthy food is a challenge.  We live around the corner from many Chinese food stands and restaurants, but it is difficult to navigate what food is safe and healthy and then how to go back to the apartment to prepare it.

Have not yet eaten meat on the street
       We haven't yet been brave enough to buy the street meat, but we love the dumplings. (jiaozi)  gee-ow-zuh
Many different types of jiaozi

Yang's Dumplings:  4 for $1- our FAVORITE

Always a crowd 
The famous Chinese lady on our block is endearingly known as the Vegetable Lady by all the expats. (Expat from ex-patriate, someone who is  temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than their own.)  
Beautiful inexpensive fruits and vegies.
 $1 per avocado, $2 for 6 mandarin oranges
 Many  foreign items, you just need to dig to discover. Chips and/salsa were found for $7

We can walk to this grocery store for some of our needs, and hooray (!), we discovered the Costco-like store called Metro about a 20 minute drive away from our apartment.

We love the fresh fruit desserts.
 Chocolate and baked sweets are not common.
Bai Restaurant, $7 for soup, main course, rice and tea

Restaurants are in abundance.  We like to try the local places.

Our Thanksgiving Peking Duck was delicious- haochi- ( how chuh)
Hairy crab is a winter treat in Shanghai.

Next Time:  How do the Chinese celebrate Christmas?


  1. I like your one theme blogs. seems like a lot of fun and very cultural

  2. Very nice photos taken through visitor's view, very attractive to me...