Saturday, October 27, 2012

Schneiders in China

Pudong Skyline, Shanghai's Financial District
Flowers abound in Shanghai

Hello, Ni Hao, (Nee how)

We are about to embark on an exciting new adventure for the next 12 to 18 months. We are starting this blog so we can stay connected and to share some insights into life in China.

Ken will be managing a team of engineers at Intel Corporation in Shanghai.  Jeanie is on a two year leave of absence with the Puyallup School  District.  Since she cannot work under the leave of absence, she hopes to learn Mandarin, take Chinese cooking classes, and enjoy being a tour guide with Ken on the weekends.

We have just returned from our apartment hunting trip in Shanghai, China.  We will be living in a 2 BR/2 BA apartment in an area called the French Concession. Our apartment is newly renovated, has a very modern interior, overlooks the U.S. embassy and the Shanghai library.  The area has a wonderful neighborhood feel, leafy trees, many international restaurants, lovely boutique type shopping, and the international church is just 5 minutes away.   Perfect place for visitors; please think about visiting us!
Our apartment complex:  Ambassy Ct. (Chinese spelling)

2 BR/BA apartment, minimal design
View from balcony

Our final moving date is Saturday, November 10.  That same weekend, our new renters, Michael and Lisa Nolan with their two young children, will be moving into our Tacoma home.

Swartz Family
During our one week visit, we were able to visit with the Swartz family, friends who were at Karshner last year, and who are now studying and teaching in Shanghai.  In addition, we met with Xiao Yuan and her husband, Robert.  Xiao Yuan was a visiting teacher at Puyallup H.S. ten years ago.  We are delighted to continue the friendship in Shanghai!

 Architecture in Shanghai

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Ken :

We do not have a phone number yet as we will have new phones in China. (Jeanie's phone was lost, so don't try to call or text her old number.)

We are excited for this new adventure.  Thank you for praying for us during this time away from friends and family.  We are confident that God wants to teach us anew and open our hearts to this city of 23 million people.
Yunan Gardens in the Old Town of Shanghai
Good by, Zai Jian, (Zi Jee En)
Ken and Jeanie Schneider