Monday, November 19, 2012

First Week

Ni Hao Family and Friends,
Jeanie in Fuxi Park

We have officially been in Shanghai for one week.  Correction:  Jeanie has been in Shanghai for one week;   Ken was delayed in Korea for two days as he had a visa mix up with his work / business visa.   Note to our future visitors:  you will need a tourist visa and your passport when you travel to China.  Acquire your visa via a travel agent; plan for at least one week for a visa to come to you.
Kitchen-Dining-Living:  All in One!

8th floor-Looking North from our Patio 

We moved into our bright, modern apartment and have really enjoyed it.  We do have an extra bedroom and bathroom, so please consider visiting us!

Shanghai Friends Robert & Xiao Yuen
Typical French Concession Street
The first week was spent exploring our French Concession Neighborhood, meeting with our Shanghai friends, Robert and  Xiao Yuan, and meeting new friends, Greg and Angela Schellenberg.  Greg is a former Puyallup Principal and now is the principal of  the high school at  Shanghai Community International School.  Angela is an entrepreneur and former PHS grad!

Shanghai Community Fellowship
We are very blessed to be in Shanghai.  We found a wonderful church, Shanghai Community Fellowship which is within a 5 minute walk.  Morning services are for Chinese Nationals, and the afternoon services are in English.  More than 60 nations are represented.  It is a truly a multi-denominational fellowship.

The Intel site is 45-60 minutes away from our apartment in a technology park.  Ken is establishing work relationships and enjoying Chinese culture.

Ken's Shanghai Intel Site
Sunset over Shanghai from Apartment

Happy Thanksgiving Week!  We will enjoy Peking Duck as you enjoy Turkey:)
Zai Jian, 
Ken and Jeanie


  1. I like the apartment! That all looks really great. Let us know, sometime, what sorts of food you've been enjoying and not-so-much enjoying.

  2. You both look very great, thanks for sharing, believe there would be much more coming. I always like Peking Duck, please enjoy some for me... Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Your apartment looks beautiful! I hope you are loving Shanghai. Had a chance to try the xiao long bao dumplings yet? We would (of course) love to visit. Do you have email set up yet? I can't comment on your blog when I am at home because of some weird computer issue and email would be easier. Our email is
    Jill and Mia