Saturday, May 11, 2013

Streets of Shanghai

 Bicycle bells ring throughout the day
to gather recycling
We really enjoy living in Shanghai. We are happy to live in the French Concession (or settlement) area:  smaller apartments, busy streets, narrow sidewalks,  but perfectly shaded and so many interesting sites.  We can walk mostly everywhere around town.  
The leaves are back
in the French Concession  

Tai Chi in nearby Xujiahui Park

Mao Zedong met here
in the French Concession during
early formation of communist party
The French Concession, French Town, helped make Shanghai known as the Paris of the East.   1920’s mansions and French-influenced architecture plus a lively Chinese streets give this area  color  and elegance.  When we see/hear other laowai, foreigners, they often are speaking French!

Jeanie's favorite flower vendor 

1904 St. Ignatius Cathedral in Xujiahui

Ken enjoys his $10 massage, wash and cut
around the corner from our apt

Jeanie enjoys spring color in Xujiahui park

French designed Xiangyang park 

We live on the Puxi side of Shanghai.  The Huangpu River separates PUXI from PUDONG.  (Pu means river.  Xi is west of river, and Dong is east.)

Every afternoon children accompanied by
Grandparents rollerblade
 in nearby Xujiahui Park
Calligraphy in the Lu Xun Park 
Badminton in Lu Xun park

The neighborhood is one big outdoor gym!
Typical alleyway or longtong in our neighborhood
 Blue and white calico hang to dry
 in this longtong


Shanghai Sculpture Park, within walking
distance from our apt.
Ken's Story:  abacus to computer

Ken with famous literary persons
on Duolun culture street
Interested in reading more about the history of Shanghai/China?  Here are Jeanie's book/dvd picks:

  • Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
  • Uncommon Journey, by Strobin & Wacs (In 1938, 20,000 Jews came to Shanghai to flee Nazi persecution)
  • Wild Swans by Jung Chang
  • Life and Death in Shanghai, by Nien Cheng
  • Pearl of China, by Anchee Min
  • DVD- Empire of the Sun
  • DVD- Shanghai Calling (sort of cheezy, but somewhat accurate)

Shout out to Visitors!
 We  had a great visit with our Tacoma neighbors/friends:  Jill and Mia   
In addition, 
Holly, former Karshner teacher,  and friend, Clare came from Thailand to spend a couple of days with us.
Mia enjoys the outdoor
 gym equipment

We enjoy a morning at the Shanghai Zoo

Clare and Holly at Yu Gardens

Enjoying the nightlife in Puxi

Next time:  Beijing