Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas in China

Merry Christmas Family and Friends,

We wish you the most peaceful of days during a most stressful time in the U.S.A.  
We grieve deeply for the loss of lives in Connecticut.

Life size minis on tree!

Christmas in China is indeed sparkly and bright.  Shopping centers, of which there are many, are fully decorated and shine brightly.
Toys and ornaments abound
Slender Santa in China

Even with with glitz and glimmer in Shanghai, Christmas is not commonly celebrated.

 There are no days off during the Christmas week.  Christmas is just another day.

Most BRIGHT CITY we have experienced

For the Chinese, gift giving, time off, and time with family is celebrated on Chinese New Year which begins on February 10, 2013.    

Shanghai Community Fellowship (SCF)

For Christians, however, this is still a special day.  We light the advent candles at Shanghai Community Church, we celebrate the coming of Jesus into our lives:  John 1:14 ( The Message) "The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood."  We worship a God who knows us, loves us, and who desires to be known and loved.

Mudu Garden in Suzhou
In China, we are able to worship with others who hold a foreign passport at afternoon services.  Chinese nationals are invited to attend the Chinese services at the church in the morning or evening.  This is a government mandate, not a church mandate.  We can fellowship with Chinese believers and seekers at home groups or outside of church events.  The Chinese we have met are open to learn about Christianity, and are always eager to learn more about western ways.

This Christmas, we will be spending a warm holiday in Thailand; one of the wonderful perks of residing in Asia.

We pray for the LIGHT to shine brightly in your hearts and homes,

Ken and Jeanie

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  1. Ken and Jeanie, Merry Christmas. Wish you a great holiday at Thailand and enjoy more sunshine. We have first low-land snow here this week!